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Physician Testimonials and Referrals

David Cardosi
"When I asked my colleagues who they trusted with their vision the answer was Dr. Mazaheri at The M LASIK Center. His patients never feel that they are getting the "conveyor belt" LASIK surgery that is so common with other ophthalmologists. After my procedure I now have excellent vision and a physician that my family and I can trust."

David S. Alkek M.D.
"Dr. Mazaheri did such an outstanding laser surgery on my eyes that I referred four other members of my family. We are all extremely happy with our results." Dermatologist, Tel. (214) 691-6999

Officer Brad Ellis DPD
"As a Police Officer, perfect vision without relying on glasses or contacts is more than a convenience. If I lost my glasses or contacts in the middle of a pursuit, my ability to drive or fire my weapon accurately would be greatly diminished. So having good eyesight could save my life! Before surgery with Dr. Mazaheri, I had severe astigmatism in both eyes and very poor vision. After one procedure, I have 20/10 vision and never have to rely on contacts or glasses again. What a relief and a life saver. I highly recommend Dr. Mazaheri."

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