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"Significantly reduce lines and wrinkles."
Dr. Mazaheri

The Eyelid Center Specializes in BOTOX® Treatments

For many people, BOTOX® injections can significantly reduce lines and wrinkles. In your BOTOX® consultation, Dr. Mazaheri, with your input, can determine if this procedure might be of benefit to you, to take some of the lines of time out of your features and make you appear years younger.

Of course there are many options availabe to patients seeking BOTOX® treatments, and many doctors performing BOTOX® procedures, but there is actually only a small handful of doctors who are residency trained in the procedure. Dr. Michael Mazaheri of The Eyelid Center is one of this small and select group of doctors.

How it works

Over a lifetime, the movement of muscles in the face and around the forehead and eyes can cause the skin to crease, and as skin becomes less elastic, and with repetitive facial expressions, wrinkles and visible lines begin to form. With just a few tiny injections of BOTOX®, however, these muscles can be made to relax, causing the wrinkles to fade, and in many cases disappear completely.

Within days of the procedure you'll see marked improvement, and the improvement can continue for as long as a week. These results can last as long as four months.

Since the BOTOX® procedure is non-surgical, you can resume your daily activities immediately, with no downtime at all. The simple and safe procedure--just a few tiny injections--can be performed by Dr. Mazaheri in his office in as little as ten minutes.

The most common side effects of BOTOX®--in the rare cases they occur--are headache, respiratory infection, flu syndrome, temporary eyelid droop, and nausea, and BOTOX® cannot be used if there is any infection in the area intended for injection, or if you have any known hypersensitivity to any ingredient in the formulation.

BOTOX® is safe and effective, and has been approved for use in patients 65 and under by the US Food and Drug Administration. It has been in use for over ten years, and millions of people enjoy a much more youthful appearance just from this simple, safe and effective procedure.

BOTOX® consultations are only $50.00. Call 973 889 3937, or click here for your BOTOX® consultation today.

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